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Expansion and Covid-19

The past month has been extremely busy. If you’re following my Instagram and Facebook post you know I’ve been trying to expand in the new retail spaces. So far so good. Even in the midst of COVID-19 my pieces have been selling. Maybe not at the volume they would have without Covid however this is allowed me to expand without getting into too much trouble with not having enough inventory.

In the past week I have decided to purchase a new kiln. It will be bigger so I can put out more inventory more quickly. My husband has actually been helping me fire the kiln on a regular daily basis. We both come up with ideas of what needs to be fired next.

The biggest issues I’ve been having what time crunches and stress because I’m also working full-time. I am looking forward to a little bit of quiet in January. I’m also looking forward to being able to experiment again in January. Right now all were trying to do is get enough pieces out to fill the retail spaces with quality goods displayed in a manner that is pleasing. My idea is that we will continue to develop our display.

I did run into an issue with the York merchant not being able to get wood to build the shelves as they had said they would. The shelving they did make was not secure enough for glass. And in my opinion not secure enough for anything. It was not stable. In a retail space you never know what child is going to decide to push or climb on what. My fear is that my whole inventory would go crashing to the ground. And in the process someone could get hurt. Today I go back to see if the shelving has been completed in a way that will be secure enough for me to display my goods for an opening on December 11!

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