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Friends and Hard Cider

Last night I met with a group of fabulous women who are all artists and are involved in the local art scene in south central PA. I have to say it was a privilege to be included in such a group. I love what they are doing and feel so intimidated by what all they are achieving. They are really talented artisans with such varied interests and skills.

I heard about their normal work weeks, their challenges with customers, challenges with meeting deadlines and meeting family obligations while still trying to be creative and innovative. Their lives are very different than mine. I really personally can have a hard time because by nature I am competitive. I hear all the wonderful things that they are dping and feel like I am not doing enough, not posting enough, not connected enough, not creating enough. but as I talked with my friend Jamie (Turtle Hollow Pottery) and my friend Sue Leland (independent artist) I realized the only person I need to be worried about is me.

I set my goals. I set my "what is enough". I have to be realistic about my time and my efforts and balance that with a full time + career. The fact that I am managing a business and working full time is a challenge and not the same challenge that others are facing. I need to be the one that defines my success. I am happy with where I am at this time. I supply five retail locations and my own market stand. I don't think I can handle any more at this point. I get to create in my studio and continue to push myself.... but at my pace!

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