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Great Beginnings!

As in many things in life...If it is easy, it is probably not worth doing. This little thing I started a few years ago has grown! There has been much growing and learning. A real rollercoaster of a year for my business but it has definitely ended on a high note with a really exciting new year with lots of opportunity!

I really wanted a way to run my business the way I saw fit. I tried what others were doing with makers markets. Not terrible but let's be honest, there's a lot to them. Like lugging all of my things in and out, sometimes upstairs, driving, unloading once you get home. Then you have to reorganize everything before the next one which may be the next Saturday. Those things made market days VERY long and VERY exhausting. Also, with makers markets you have to apply to get in so you are never sure if you really can be available the date you are applying for. You usually have to apply months in advance. Your neve sure what space you will get. Are you shoved in a corner with no light? If I was, I did not do well. Will I have electricity, will I make my table fee? UGH!

In the meantime, my relations with other businesses selling my items either got better or soured. Which made me question myself for a second. Then I just came to the realization I actually had business education and experience; I should not question myself if my experience and education led me in a different direction for my

desired end point. In addition, my relationships that had been in place for years remained solid. I reevaluated and contemplated what I wanted to do.

I had been contemplating a retail space for a while. I had enquired at a few places. Would I be able to sell enough to make rent and expenses to make it profitable? I understood this would not be my livelihood and I would not be making car payments and mortgage payments off the start up. Most places take years to get to that point.

Could I cover expenses and give it enough time to take off? And would I be able to give it enough time to flourish? We all know that my day job is just getting more and more and more. But this venture is what keeps me sane. (I know I should have my head examined). I see this becoming my retirement gig so I can get out at 62!!!

I kept looking for spaces and let's be honest some of the landlords/leases were laughable what they wanted for the area/space and the income level in the area. There is no way I could justify signing a lease for the amount of money and time they wanted me to agree to! I kept looking towards Gettysburg. I would have signed a lease for a brick and mortar but when I inquired

it was already leased. I was a little down about that and kind of gave up for a little. I just thought it would happen when it was supposed to happen if it was supposed to happen. I had looked to Gettysburg before, and a marketplace was supposed to open in a warehouse. I thought that would be ideal! Then they found out one of the walls was not secure and the building was not viable. Hopes dashed for a while again. Then I found out they had moved their idea to another location.....hope.

So in November I went to go take a look. It had opened about a month before with only a few vendors in the space, but I could see the vision

and the owners really had ideas. They also had other successful ventures. It also was light and bright inside. Not dark and drab. Perfect for stained glass to sparkle. I discussed it with my trusted pessimist, and I was able to answer all his questions. it was the right amount of space to start, and the price was doable. the question was how much traffic would we get? Again, would I be able to get in enough to pay rent and make a profit? I had committed to shows thorough December. I signed a lease and build out started at Christmas time. Opening Day was scheduled for January 8th, 2022.

It has been a month. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. The traffic is slow but that can only increase. The owners have been upfront about the projects they are working on, and they have materialized each time! No "oh we couldn't

get the supplies we promised you in your lease". They have been up front on what can and can't be done. No surprises! They already have hosted functions to get the awareness out to the community and the tourist industry. I have signed the Lease for a year, but I can see this will be a long term "good thing"!

The Marketplace at Gettysburg is my new home! I keep adding vendors to my stall to round out the offerings I have. I really feel this can only get better! Come see me. We are about a mile south on Baltimore Street from route 15 exit going towards Littlestown. On the left if you're going south. We are located in an old Nursery building. Look for the open flag every Saturday from 8-2. I am along the back wall with all the sparkly pretty things.

I still have a great relationship with Suzanne Rende and Naked Chick Art so you can find my things in York. I also have a good relationship with Simply Local of Glenn Rock. And I plan on being a part of Strathmeyer's Christmas tree market in 2022 in the York Fairgrounds.

See you soon!

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