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In The Begining

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

How on earth did I ever start a blog???

I started doing stained glass when we moved to Maryland from Tennessee. I found that since my children were in college and high school, I no longer was their chauffer. Don't get all sad. I just had more free time.

I decided to take a class to see how to do stained glass. It was at the Glass Key. Sadly, they are no longer in business. My first project was done in that class. I still have it. It hangs in my window at home. This is a picture of it. A Celtic knot.

I needed to make a space to create more. I eeked out a space in my garage. It was cramped and cold in the winter. Hot and cramped in the summer. I still enjoyed it. I made a lot of simple projects. Then I started to create my own patterns. I gave my nice pieces away as gifts.

To make a long story short we moved again after living in Annapolis area for about 4 years. I had to pack up my studio I had in my garage. I had to wait a year until I could unpack it. I felt so lost not being able to go into my area to create.

We moved to our new house and I finally had an area above my detached garage that had air and heat and enough room to have two studio tables. A friend of my husband donated some great drafting drawers and I started back to making things for fun. We made some friends in our new/old state of Pennsylvania. One of them kept asking me to make some things to sell or would I consider teaching. I really didn't take it too seriously.

My friend who is an incredible artist opened up a stand at Central Market in York, PA. She asked if I would make some things to sell at her stand. I just thought she was ridiculous! I made a few really simple items and was astounded that they sold! That was the beginning of my small business.

Since then I have had a steady little stream of sales each month from "The Naked Chick" (think chickens) stall at Central Market, thanks to Suzanne Rende.

I have expanded to doing some commissions. I have also invested in a kiln and have taken a class to learn the lead caming method (think church stained glass). I can be found cutting glass and making things most days I am not working my full time job.

So then Covid-19... Market closes. Sales stop. But I need to keep creating. I have joined Etsy. We'll see how it goes! Not sure how it all works but I can't stop making things. This is my blog to chronicle my path. I have been watching other bloggers and YouTube videos and honestly thought each story is different. Maybe I have something to offer. Who knows?

Life is an adventure. We never know where it will take us!

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