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Makers Markets

When deciding to go into business I really never knew how much time and effort would go into making this work. I feel like most Makers just enjoy doing their craft. Questions like -do I buy a website domain name? How often do I need to manage it? Who will do my taxes? How do I cope with out of state sales? What's an EIN? How do I applying online for events? Those things just never really made it to the top of my list.

I feel like I don't hate it. It is really funny how the amount of work you put into it is the amount of reward you get out of it.

Here are a list of events I have applied to recently-

HBG Flea-confirmed

Grey Apple Market-pending

The Hive-pending

The Find-November-pending

The Find-December-pending

Stores in the area-

Naked Chick Art

Pineapple home gallery

Simply Local

The Hive


I have been working on my display items to make my booth better. I have a new tent and additional panel for hanging my stained glass. As always it is a work in progress!

My 3-D panel with a glass candy dish and beveled frame. This one was a challenge because I had to solder and neither side lays flat on the table. I do like it. It just needs a good cleaning and then polish applied.

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