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Termites and Molds

I got some really exciting new molds and glass shipped to me this week. I got to unwrap them and it was like Christmas in May! I had ordered everything myself but because of Covid-19 it took 2 weeks to get here and honestly I was really trying to remember what I ordered. I can't wait until we can go shopping again in the store. It's so different getting to see the glass instead of a very flat image that doesn't show you the movement of the lines in the glass. Colors are never as vibrant. However I got some new dichro in both black and clears which are really sparly!

I added some photos of some jewelry and coasters as well as my new bowl!


The other news I got was really not nice. Termites invaded my She Shed! They need to go! So the pest people come out tomorrow to erradicate them forever! I cant believe it!

Behold the new bowl.

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