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I made a spider.

Well I'm glad I didn't see my creation at 1 am. It was definitely a learning experience. I will share a picture below. My open bowl turns out to look more like a many legged spider.

So out of misshapen pieces I learn things. Overhang is okay, just not so much it touches the kiln shelf. If it does, you need enough to make the design stable. How do I rescue this piece? I think I will remove the extra overhang and throw it back in the kiln again for a fire polish to round the edges. The extra pieces that I cut off I will use for jewelry later. I think I need a different mold to do this style in the future. One that is not as variegated in height may work better.

Out of lemons, make lemonade!

So Here is the monstrosity before the edits. I'm thinking Halloween in all black glass with and orange eyes?? I'll keep you posted on if I get it to be something I like. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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